Kurt Rohrs

for Chandler Unified 
School District Governing Board

Education First !

Kurt Rohrs has been involved with the Chandler Unified School District as an Active Parent for the last fifteen years and speaks regularly at Board Meetings on various issues concerning Parents. He has an MBA in Finance and has also served on the CUSD Citizen's Budget Committee for fifteen years, twice serving as Chairman. His three children attended CUSD schools for their education.
  • Political and Social Activism has no place in our schools. Teachers, given their unique position of authority, have no right to impose their personal views on our children.

  • Let Teachers Teach. The District must provide a safe and supportive environment for Teachers to practice their craft free from coercion from special interest groups.

  • Involve Parents. Schools are an important part of the Community. Parents should be welcomed in classrooms to assist Teachers with the Education of their children.

  • Educational Fundamentals should be the primary focus of curriculum. Reading and Math achievement must improve for all Students.

  • Eliminate Child Sexualization Education (CSE) in our schools. Sexually explicit material should not be presented in classrooms. Children should not be encouraged to engage in sexual activity.

  • Sound Financial Budgets. Don't waste taxpayer money.